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The State has the distinction of having 4 Tiger Reserves and 3 Biosphere reserves. The conservation of biodiversity is of paramount importance to the forest management of the State. Therefore, Tamilnadu Forest Department has formulated a project primarily focusing its attention on conservation of vital biodiversity both inside the Protected Area as well as in other Reserved Forests. In order to support the main goal of biodiversity conservation, the project also envisages large scale tree cultivation in private lands in order to increase the natural resource base outside the forest area. Training, Education, Research and Extension activities have also been designed to develop the institutional capacity development which will enhance the quality of biodiversity conservation efforts and ecosystem management.

This project also ensures ecologically sustainable development initiatives by promoting community participation in eco development, tribal development and eco tourism.


The objective of the project is "to strengthen biodiversity conservation by improving the ecosystem and the management capacity as well as undertaking tree planting outside the recorded forest areas, thereby contributing to environmental conservation and harmonized socio-economic development of Tamilnadu."

Outlay and Period

This project will be implemented over a period of 8 years from 2011-12 to 2018-19 with an outlay of Rs.686 Crores. The cost breakup is as follows:

Sl. No.


Outlay (Rs. in Crores)

1 Biodiversity Conservation 107.03
2 Increasing Natural Resource base 210.10
3 Institutional Capacity Development 300.49
4 Others (Consultancy, Physical contingency, interest and commitment charges) 68.50
TOTAL 686.12

Implementaion Structure

The Project Management Unit (PMU), which is a registered Society, will implement this Project all over the State. The implementing Forest Divisions, Wildlife and other units will be designated as Divisional Management Units (DMU).They are not Societies and will remain as departmental entities. The Conservators of Forests will continue to play their crucial role in exercising their codal power for monitoring & supervision of the Project implementation. The Forest Ranges implementing this Project will be designated as Field Management Units (FMU) .The PMU is guided by the High Level Empowered Committee (HLEC) headed by the Chief Secretary to Government and the Governing Body headed by the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests on all financial and policy issues. An Operational Manual will govern the financial transactions, accounting and auditing. The Project funds will be operated through bank account outside the purview of the letter of credit. Apart from the provisions made in the Operational Manual, the DMUs and FMUs shall follow the departmental procedure.

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