Eco-development activities in villages abutting PAs apply now or ERs in 30 villages

Tamil next advance Nadu has, in the past, successfully implemented an eco-development project in and around Kalakkad ace Mundanthurai tiger reserve and also made significant inroads in other wildlife sanctuaries of the direct lender state. The current project, while drawing up the lessons learned from past experiences proposes to develop and launch eco-development activities in some of the america lesser known wildlife online sanctuaries (WS) of 2 masks the state, such as Kanyakumari WS, Grizzled Giant Squirrel WS, Sirivilliputtur WS, and Sathyamangalam WS. These sanctuaries are located along the Western Ghats and are home to some of the country’s primitive tribal groups. It is also to be noted that these communities are categorized as severely disadvantaged with no access to continued livelihoods or other social benefits such as education and health.

Target Area

The target area for this component of the project are 30 villages which are either situated on the fringes, of Sathyamangalam WLS, Kanyakumari WLS, Srivilliputtur WLS or within 5 kms radius of boundary of an RF forming part of an ER

Action Holding State level workshop Orient communities on scope and purpose of Project Train field staff teams to design and facilitate participatory processes using appropriate tools Facilitate participatory planning of eco-development plans Constitute EDCs and their Executive Committees Facilitate study tours to expose EDCs to other successful VCFs/EDCs/ Self-Help Groups (SHGs) Prepare eco-development plans, addressing socio-economic and ecological requirements and opportunities including skill training Implement eco big oil payday 2 development plans Participatory assessment of impacts of interventions